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He placed his hand under her chin andgently lifted her head so that it tilted back. Then he bent to her andpressed his lips against her exposed throat, softly at first, thenharder. She gasped as she felt his lips part and his teeth lightly touchthe soft warm flesh of her neck. Her eyes widened as his hands rested onher soulders, moving up to her neck, stroking, carressing. He moaned asher fingers increased the pressure on his balls. "God", she whispered tohim, "so soft and sweet, your scrotum, like living silk." At the wordsand the touch, he felt his Ebony Porn cock bulge out another half inch. She laughedsexily and said, "Now I have you, baby. You are completely in my power.

Your balls are mine, and your cock. I am going to have my way with you. "His eyes closed and he moaned. His fingers continued working her throatand she purred and laughed softly. "Yes", she whispered in his ear asshe undid his belt, "you would just love to bury those strong fingers ofyours in my throat, wouldn't you?" He shuddered as he felt her pull hispants off with his shoes and socks. She tossed them on the floor andordered him to lie back on the bed. His hands now were busily unbuttoning her blouse, carressing her chestand her shoulders, then moving down to her nipples. Each of them, byearlier agreement, had no underwear on. Just skin beneath the outtergarments, soft white skin which felt sweet and warm to the touch.

Thenthey began their game. "Oooo, let go of my balls", he moaned as shemoved him gently up toward the center of the bed. "No" she said softly,"No, they are mine and I love the feel of them." "Oh please", he beganto beg, "Please let go of them. It's too much, the pleaure is almostlike pain. Oh God, what you are doing to me. " He felt her fingersmassaging the sensitive testicles, felt her take the scrotum between herthumb and index finger and gently tug, then tug just a little harder. "Oh no!", he continued to beg, "PLEASE baby, let go!" She laughed again,a knowing sexy laugh deep in her throat as she continued to manipulatehim, manipulating his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with theother. She lowered her mouth to his thick and bulging prick and kissedalong the shaft, her eyes closed in ecsatcy. His body began to squirmand twist.

His moans increased as did hers. She gasped her breath as shefelt the power inside her. She whispered, "I am not going to let you gotill I have my way with you. You are completely in my power now. I haveyou where I want you and I can feel the strength and power in yourballs, strength in the most vulnerable place on your body, and its mine. Yes, I have complete power over your strength."She felt the muscles in his body flex in fear mixed with pleasure. "Youknow", she said kissing his balls, "if I wanted to, I could crush thesesweet little balls of yours, and you would be helpless to stop me." Shelaughed again and engulfed his sack with her mouth. He felt her suckinghis balls and stroking his cock with sure, steady motions. He moved hishands to her shoulders in an attempt to push her away but it wasuseless. The more he pushed, the more tightly she held him. blacks and wives, ebony ass dildo porn tube clipsBlack Fucking Housewives - ebony hairy fucking, black bitch pussy and ass, young black girls getting fucked, ebony dildo porn tube videosCheap

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